A Poster Advertising Strategy For The 21st Century

Poster distribution, QR codes and retargeting

Some of our clients are using QR codes very effectively on the posters for their events, combined with retargeting this has become an increasingly effective way of advertising an event.


What is a QR Code?

Quick Response Codes are a two-dimensional barcode that can be read using smartphones that link directly to websites, text, emails, facebook pages, phone numbers and more!

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The benefit of having a QR code on your posters

Many promoters are now choosing to use QR codes on the posters for events, there are many benefits;


  • Visit  a web page
  • Immediate link to ticket sales
  • Dial a phone number
  • Send a Text Message
  • Send an Email
  • View a promotional message
  • View Special Offer
  • Download Contact Details
  • View a Google Maps Location
  • View a Social Media Profile



About 2% of will buy tickets on the first visit to your website or ticket sale site. Retargeting works by keeping track of people who visit your site by clicking on the QR code displayed on your events poster and then displaying your retargeting ads to them as they visit other sites online and therefore converts to much higher ticket sales.


Our 21st century poster distribution and online package

We can put together a complete poster distribution and online marketing package for your event that can include.

  • Poster Campaign for your event
  • Qr code link created and sent to your chosen printer
  • Link to your website or a hosted landing page
  • Facebook page for your event
  • Retargeting campaign setup


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Circus Billing


Circus Billing


Traditional circus billing is a tried and tested way of advertising a Circus. It has been shown over 80% of attendance and ticket sales can be directly related to the advance billing, with the rest coming from other and often more expensive forms of advertising such as radio and newspapers. Most circuses wouldn’t consider running an circus without billing it with an advance poster campaign.  A-Z poster distribution Ltd work directly with our clients to provide a bespoke billing campaign for each circus we bill post. Our billing manager in charge of your bill posting will target all important areas and ensure every poster is displayed in the most influential and predominate place. Good circus billing is not only targeting the big main shopping streets, so our billers will also systematically find all the shops down hiding down back streets to display your circus posters and leaflets. We believe your circus billing should bombard your potential customers with your circus posters at every turn. We believe a good circus poster billing campaign should leave no stone unturned, so the circus billers assigned to your circuses billing will not leave a single area without your posters displayed in shop windows to immediately grab the attention of the passer-by.

A-Z Poster Distribution run by Zed Lawrence are a highly experienced and professional circus billing company, therefore your circuses billing will include all the tricks of the trade expected with a high impact billing. Our Circus billers will get your circus posters in shops, posters in restaurants, posters in pubs, posters in garages, posters in offices, posters in community halls and anywhere else our billers can display a poster with the kind permission of the property owner.



circus billing fills the big top




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Get An Online Presence For Your Event

Is Your Event Online?

Here at A-Z poster Distribution we have noticed a massive spike in the searches we get to our website when we put out the posters for an event we have featured on our events calendar, and this got us thinking to how we could use this to the full advantage of our clients so we are now offering a range free and paid options to all our clients where we can build you an online presence for your event to retarget customers, sell tickets, give directions and offer promotions

  • Qr code link created and sent to your chosen printer (Free)
  • Calendar Listing with links to your site or ticket sales website (Free)
  • Link to your website or a hosted landing page (Free)
  • Single professional webpage hosted on this site for your event with .com or .co.uk address (£69)
  • Online advance ticket sales (£50 set up then 5% of sales)
  • Retargeting campaign setup (£50 set up then ppc costs)

More about QR codes and Retargeting here

online webpages for events

Rose’s Pleasure Parks

For Roses Pleasure Parks the running of fairground attractions is a long-standing tradition. Showmen and fairground owners have been in our families for generations, with the famous Billy Smart a great grandfather.

In addition to operating as a travelling funfair, we have for many years provided the fair for the Epsom Derby and at the race meetings at Brands Hatch. We have recently taken over the Mitcham Status Fair in London, which has been running since the 1800s.

No event is too large or too small. We can provide attractions, rides and catering – tailored to your requirements – for all occasions from Birthdays and Christmas parties to Carnivals, Festivals, Galas and Corporate Functions. A wonderful experience for all, young and old alike.

History of Roses Pleasure Parks

Although Roses Pleasure Parks have only been in the fairground business for 50 to 60 years the owners, Luisa and Perron Coupland, are both from showman families which stretch back generations.

On Luisa’s side her great-grandfather was Billy Smart, circus owner and fairground operator, and grandfather Joe Stevens who provided rides for the top London Fairs of the time. Billy’s daughter Peggy married Joe in 1942 and in the early 1950s Billy was becoming much more interested in the circus side of things and so began to transfer the funfair operation to Joe. By the mid-50s the fair officially became his – Stevens Fair.

In the late 1970s Peggy and Joe’s son, Perrin Stevens (a travelling showman), began to take a greater part in the running of Stevens Fair and was also building the Sizzler Twist amusement rides. Perrin is Luisa’s late father.

On Perron’s side his grandfathers were Jimmy Rogers, a well known travelling showman and lessee of the Bristol area, and Joel Coupland who travelled all over the UK providing catering stalls for fairgrounds.

Joels son Barron married Jimmy’s daughter Vicky in 1972. Barron continued the family tradition travelling the UK as a showman and became a lessee in the mid 1970s organising the fairground at one of the largest bonfire and firework displays in the west country at Ottery St Mary, and continued this at other carnivals and events,then he purchased Roses Pleasure Parks in 1998.

Barron and Vicky’s son is Perron Coupland who, along with his wife Luisa, took over Roses in 2010 and are following in their respective families’ footsteps by continuing to supply first class fairground entertainment all around the country.

In addition to a travelling funfair, they provide the fair for the Epsom Derby, at the race meetings at Brands Hatch and have recently taken over the Mitcham Status Fair in London which has been running since the 1800s.

Poster Sizes

How big should your event’s posters be?

Your event publicity can have a poster campaign using one size of posters or various sized posters, larger posters have more impact but smaller posters often get consent in shops where the larger posters don’t. For the best poster campaign we can distribute various sizes always trying to get the large poster displayed first but then trying the smaller posters if they say no…this poster distribution system is a very effective way getting your advertising in as many outlets as possible.

Normal large Circus and Funfair Posters are A2, the smaller ones are A3 (normally used for theatre poster campaigns or to compliment A2 posters)

poster sizes


poster sizes for events
Here is an example of the difference between A2 and A3 posters

Hampton Court Funfair

Hampton Court Fun Fair

The Hampton Court Funfair, crammed with family fun and white knuckle rides, is gearing up for its annual showpiece this Easter. Best of all it will be FREE to enter! The Fair will open at 12noon on Good and stay open right through to 11pm that night and then open the same time every day for five days right up to and including Tuesday.