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Shop Poster Distribution

  • Shop poster distribution means putting posters in shop windows to advertise events
  • Shop poster distribution campaigns are a cost-effective way of advertising your event
  • Your posters will be placed in key outlets all over your target area
  • We offer free leaflet distribution with all shop poster distribution campaigns

Poster design

When planing a shop poster distribution campaign a few things should be considered when designing the poster for your event. Well designed poster advertising can make a world of difference to the success of your event. The design of the events poster is often intentionally cryptic. Other times poster designs are simple with just the information in large letters may be chosen to give a big impact. Usually however it is about getting a good balance of style and impact. Keeping your main points highly visible on your poster is a very important part of poster design. With an event poster, the title, your advertising slogan for your shop poster distribution, date and the event’s venue are important bits of info that should be instantly visible on your poster design. Keeping the information on the events poster to a bare minimum helps to reduce clutter. If using more than a few words on your poster it’s best to use both capital and lower case lettering. Capitals on the poster are best used for emphasis or to attract attention. Lettering should be spaced so it is easy to read. Posters are often seen from a distance so the colours are important as they should draw you in. Also see what your poster looks like behind glass, as posters will often be placed in windows. Primary colours can be seen easily. Light colours are usually not very good in poster design for text as they are harder to see unless a dark contrasting background is used. Text on the posters should always have enough contrast to make it stand out.

When designing the poster for your events shop poster distribution campaign for your event you should also consider everything else that will be in shop windows, your poster design needs to stand out from the crowd.

Poster printers

We do not print posters and leaflets for shop poster distributions campaigns ourselves but we can either advise you on good local or specialist printers to print your posters. We recommend if using our shop poster distribution service that you use double-sided posters.

Best advertising slogan for your shop poster distribution campaign

The advertising slogan is one of the most important factors in the advertising campaign. A simple but memorable advertising slogan will get your message where it needs to be…In the heads of the potential customers!

The vouchers used for your shop poster distribution campaign

When distributing your events posters some form of offer or discount voucher is needed to coax the shop keeper into displaying your poster. These vouchers are normally a great way of getting the shop keepers and their themselves to come and spend their money at your event, never underestimate the good business sense these vouchers make on their own, also if the shop keeper likes the event they are much more likely to display your poster next time and your event publicity and client base will increase on reputation.

We can advise you on the best vouchers for your shop poster distribution.

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