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Poster Distributors

Our Poster Distributors

We take great care in training our poster distributors (often called billers) to be polite but also respectfully persistent with shopkeepers when trying to get your advance publicity displayed. We insist our billers put the poster up themselves in the most prominent high impact spot, ensuring that your poster advertising goes up and that your poster is not left for the shop keeper to put up themselves. (In our experience posters left behind rarely get put up).

Our Team

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Training Our Poster Distributors

All our billposters have extensive on the job training in poster advertising techniques with an experienced poster manager and work alongside more experienced poster distribution staff. We are very careful when selecting our poster distributors.

The Right People

Our poster distributors need to be very polite while also being very confident and persistent while trying to get your poster advertising displayed. We believe we are not only just putting up posters but also an integral part of the PR of the event so we also train our staff to interact with the general public while promoting your event.

Friendly experienced poster distributors


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