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Why poster distribution?…According to recent research. The event’s advance poster campaign accounts for over 65% of ticket sales and attendance. Therefore, it’s way more cost-effective than other, more expensive media advertising.

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There's repetitive exposure to the advertising media when an event is advertised by a professional poster company. This creates a hype unequalled by any other media advertising or marketing type.

Over 40 Years Experience In Events and Marketing

With over, 40 years of experience in the events and entertainment industry. A-Z Poster Distribution, are the market leader in providing high-impact poster campaigns for events all over the UK.

All Poster Campaigns Include Free Leaflet Distribution

Poster Campaigns can/will always include free leaflet distribution. Discounts on these leaflets can seriously help your events advance publicity, ticket sales, attendance and overall success.

How come we know so much about event and posters?

Our Story

“Our founder Zed has a natural talent for advertising and event publicity that began at a young age. Growing up at the world-renowned Carter’s Steam Fair, he spent his childhood immersed in running, promoting, and advertising events. From the early age of eight, Zed embarked on his career in event publicity dressed as a clown, handing out leaflets. As the years went on, he became increasingly involved in advertising the fair, eventually taking over all the poster distribution in the early ’90s. After leaving the fair in 2009, Zed founded A-Z Poster Distribution, providing high-impact poster campaigns to a prestigious list of clients across the UK. With Zed’s extensive expertise in event publicity, our clients can rest assured that their poster campaigns are in good hands.”

Poster Distribution Types

Theatre Poster Campaigns

Advance poster campaigns for theatre shows, Usually use A3 poster sizes: targeting the advertising to shops and outlets in the theatre’s local area. The poster campaign for a theatre show should have the posters displayed well in advance to maximise advance ticket sales and interest in the show/production.

Festival Poster Campaigns

Poster distribution campaigns for festivals need the posters to be displayed well before the event. Almost always, using A3 poster sizes to ensure a high but lasting level of advertising generally over a much larger area than theatre poster campaigns. The poster campaign typically needs to reach a much larger target audience.

Poster distribution for funfairs and circuses. Often called billing (short for billposting) by circuses and funfairs. We have over 45 years of personal experience in this industry. We use a variety of different size shop posters, roadside billboards, leaflets and banners to create unrivalled high-impact poster campaigns for our clients.

Wrestling Show Postering

Poster distribution campaigns have proven very effective at advertising traditional small touring wrestling shows. The promotors themselves often do this poster distribution. However, A-Z Poster distribution can help with more extensive, more effective poster distribution campaigns to increase show attendance.

Posters For Rallies and Shows

The poster campaigns for rallies and shows need to cover a large target audience using a mixture of shop posters, banners and roadside billboards. While similar to the poster campaigns we provide for circuses. But, using a higher percentage of the smaller A3 poster size allows a longer run in time on the advertising.

Posters for Other Events

Here at A-Z Poster Distribution. We love advertising new and exciting events. Please get in touch with us to discuss a bespoke poster campaign to get your upcoming event the advertising it needs and deserves. Our team has a wealth of experience, with a long list of satisfied clients running events of all types and sizes.

Poster Distribution Clients

Wresting poster campaign
poster distribution for Chelsea Football Club
poster distribution for Norden farm
princes theatre poster distribution

Our Philosophy

At A-Z Poster Distribution, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional service that exceeds expectations. Our team takes personal responsibility for every project and treats it as our own, going above and beyond to ensure success. Trust us as your partner on the journey to greatness.
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