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How did we get into poster distribution?

Zed & His Team Of Billers


Poster distribution and event publicity has been in our founder Zed’s blood since he was a kid. He grew up on Carters Steam Fair and has been involved in running, promoting and advertising events all his life. One of his first jobs in event publicity was handing out leaflets dressed as a clown aged eight. Over the years he became more and more involved in advertising the fair until taking over all the poster distribution in the early 90’s. Carters Steam Fair was a huge success over the years, much of this success was due to the unique advertising skills of Zed. He did this until 2009 when he left the fair and later founded A-Z Poster Distribution in 2010. Zed is very proud of where he came from and although no longer involved is very proud of Carters Steam Fair.

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The Biller’s

Zed believes he benefits from seeing the effect of a good poster campaign from seeing it from the clients side as Zed also ran fairground rides and stalls on the fair. Although unlike other billers (poster distributors), while Zed was at Carter’s Steam Fair he was only doing the billing for one company. He was well-known and respected for his poster distribution skills throughout the fun-fair and Circus community. On Carters Steam Fair Zed had a team of poster distributors he called on to help him put up the posters for the fair. Some have stuck with him and are an integral part of A-Z Poster Distribution billing for funfairs, circuses, festivals, sporting events, theatre and many other types of events

Training Our Poster Distributors

All our billposters have extensive on the job training in poster advertising techniques with an experienced poster manager and work alongside more experienced poster distributors. We are very careful when selecting our poster distributors. Our poster distributors need to be very polite while also being very confident and persistent while trying to get your poster advertising displayed. We believe we are not only just putting up posters but also an integral part of the PR of the event so we also train our staff to interact with the general public while promoting your event.

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