Extra Event Publicity

As well as shop poster distribution we offer a range of event publicity services for advertising events. we can put together a package incorporating some or all.

Correx Advertising Billboards

We supply the added event publicity service of putting up correx billboards to advertise your event. this is a good way to add extra impact to a shop poster distribution campaign. Correx billboards are a highly effective way of advertising fun-fairs and circuses but different local councils have different views on the legality of displaying posters. We can advice you on the particular rules and response each local authority will have to this medium of advertising.

We can also apply in the correct manner for the deemed consent needed to display these billboards legally….

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Banner Displays

Big banners all over your target area are another good way to add impact to your poster campaign. The most effective event publicity campaigns use a variety of media to hype up an event.

Leaflet Distribution

Here at A-Z Poster Distribution we offer a variety of forms of leaflet distribution to help with your event publicity


Mobile Billboards

We can provide a variety of mobile billboards including this quirky one seater Ad-Van

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