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How many posters do I need for my poster campaign?

A-Z Poster Distribution can advise you on this, in most towns your poster campaign needs about 100 posters for every 10,000 people….For example a town of 60,000 people needs around 600 shop posters.
This formula does not work for poster distribution campaigns in large metropolitan areas.

Why do I need discount vouchers for event publicity?

It’s the shop keepers window after all and it’s their choice if they want to let you display a poster in their shop window, the better the offer on the voucher the longer the posters tends to stay in windows.

How big should my posters be?

Your event publicity can have a poster campaign using one size of posters or various sized posters, larger posters have more impact but smaller posters often get consent in shops where the larger posters don’t. For the best poster campaign we can distribute various sizes always trying to get the large poster displayed first but then trying the smaller posters if they say no…this poster distribution system is a very effective way getting your advertising in as many outlets as possible.

poster sizes for your poster campaign

Can I choose to limit my poster campaign to one poster per shop?

We believe that the most effective event publicity is created by high impact poster distribution campaigns, this means and always has meant letting our billers (poster distributors) have artistic licence while displaying the posters…however we do offer the option for only one poster per shop if this is the type of poster campaign you want.

Will my poster be put back to back in every shop?

We advise all our clients to use double-sided posters for their poster campaigns so for a small increase in the cost of printing the posters your event gets a lot more publicity as we don’t charge anymore for the poster distribution however if you choose to use single sided posters for your poster campaign then your event’s posters will only put back to back in certain places where the facing in posters will be very effective. i.e, Cafe’s, Pubs, hairdressers and take aways. these are places where people are sitting down or waiting and will take time to read your posters. All our poster distributors are trained to only back to back in these situations.

Can I have my posters thinned down to cover a larger are?

No!!…At A-Z Poster Distribution we are proud of the poster campaigns and event publicity we do for our clients and this means trying to get a poster in every shop and distributing posters down every shopping area and backstreet shop a, we are not prepared to compromise the quality of our poster advertising work.

Can I choose to have no fly posting in my poster campaign?

Yes. A-Z Poster Distribution believe a small amount of fly posting adds impact to an effective poster campaign however we understand that some clients would rather not have any fly posting in their poster campaign so we offer this option if required.

Cost of Advertising

As we offer a bespoke advertising service our and every advertising campaign is different the cost of our advertising prices vary depending on a variety of options. However our advertising prices are very competitive and we can usually beat any like for like quote.

For your no obligation quote please contact us today using the contact form provided or give us a call.

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