The Poster

Printed poster advertising can be dated as way back as the 15th century; the poster in its modern format arrived around circa 1860. With the invention of lithography, brilliantly coloured signs can be made quickly and cost-effectively. By the 1890s, the technique of printing posters had spread throughout the whole of Europe.

The French Poster Revolution

Several well-known French artists designed many vintage posters from this period; Poster campaigns soon transformed the avenues and boulevards of Paris into the “art galleries of the street”. With various competing shows distributing posters all over the city. The commercial success of these poster campaigns was such that some of the poster artists were in such high demand that many theatre stars of the time insisted on choosing their favourite artists to do the design for the poster campaign of an upcoming performance. The popularity of poster art was so high that a large exhibition was held in Paris in 1884. Some of the most famous vintage posters in history are from the 1890 s of the style known as Art Nouveau. The class was the first significant art form where mass-produced graphics were produced.

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Propaganda posters

Propaganda Posters

With the world going to war in 1914, the poster became an art form that could affect history. Politically powerful propaganda poster campaigns could quickly be produced and create an immediate impact. We all know the famous Uncle Sam pointing at the viewer, a forceful call to duty to the American public during World War 1. 

Posters In The Brave New World

After the end of the first world war, Art Nouveau posters with inspiration from nature seemed irrelevant in a modernistic industrial society. The new world was expressed in posters portraying the modern art movements of Cubism, Futurism, Dada and Expressionism. Through the 20th century, poster campaigns have been used for every conceivable product and event. The effectiveness of poster campaigns has been proven over the centuries…Long may the extraordinary art form of posters continue.

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