Interested in becoming a Poster Distributor?…or Biller as it’s know in trade.

As a Poster Distributor your Job will involve approaching various shops and business outlets to ask owners or staff if you can display posters and leaflets in their premises in order to promote/advertise forthcoming upcoming events to the general public.

Poster Distribution is an interesting and great way to see the new places. You will usually work under a manager in a small team working in different places every day and meeting a huge variety of new and interesting people. Full on the job will be given in every aspect of the job of poster distribution by one of our managers, you will also work alongside more experienced staff until fully competent.

As a Poster Distributor you will be expected to be polite and courteous to everyone you meet during your days working on a poster campaign…this can sometimes be difficult as some shop keepers are often rude in the rejection of the request to display a poster, however a positive outlook and a bit of polite banter can be enough to get them to change their minds.

Poster Distribution can be tiring as it involves lots of walking and talking to people all day..also a long commute is often needed to get to the area where the posters need to be displayed can mean long hours.

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