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A Brief History Of Art on the Street


Sat 7th Dec 2013

Art on the Street began in 2009 with a group of friends who held a shared belief that artists should be able to take control of the way they sell their work and create new and interesting ways to share their talents with a world outside of galleries and traditional art fairs.After a long process of planning, pleading, negotiating and asking favours, the first Art on the Street outdoor art market was born. 40 brave artists came together in a windy corner of Maidenhead Town Centre, selling their work directly to the public and the response was tremendous! Lots of sales were made and everyone agreed that it was a really good idea!Emboldened by this success, more events were held – each one bigger than the last. The most recent brought together over 200 artists, musicians, performers, teacher and designers. It was the most fun gallery you’ve ever visited!Buy Direct, Pay The Right Price
The beauty of Art on the Street is that it’s just like any other market. You can haggle with the stall-holder, pick up a bargain or just enjoy the hustle and bustle. But unlike most markets, when you visit Art on the Street you’ll be directly contributing to raising the profile of the fine art community. Every stall holder is an artist selling their own work. You can chat to them about the pieces you are interested in and hear their story. Importantly, when you purchase a piece of work from any of our traders, you know that you are getting an honest price, as they are not subject to commission fees that many artists have to pay when they sell through shops and galleries.The Future
Art on the Street is continuing to grow and is fast becoming the most popular art event in Berkshire, attracting art lovers, families and shoppers alike. In between events, the Art on the Street Team work on community projects, filling empty spaces with artwork and fielding working opportunities to a massive subscriber base of artists. In June 2012 the first Art on the Street Pop-Up Shop opened. Beautiful, affordable artworks were on sale in a traditional retail space. It was the perfect way to buy a unique gift, safe in the knowledge that the artist is receiving the sum of money that they want to sell the piece for with no hidden costs.




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